For over 50 years we have been providing superior rental services. During these difficult times we are equipped and ready to provide any necessary temporary structures. We carry a large supply of different tent sizes along with tables and chairs. Our staff is geared up and ready to mobilize at a moments notice. Below please find our basic pricing, for more details please call!
We offer emergency tenting, sanitizing and clean-up services, water clean up, clean outs, dumpsters, fire clean up and restoration.
Item TypePrice Per DayPrice Per Week
10’ x 10’ Tent*$160$320
15’ x 15’ Tent*$195$390
20’ x 20’ Tent*$290$580
20’ x 30’ Tent*$350$700
20’ x 40’ Tent*$430$860
30’ x 40’ Tent*$780$1,560
Basic Folding Chair$1.35$2.70
6 Foot Folding Table$7.50$15.00
8 Foot Folding Table$8.50$17.00

* Additional Charges May Apply if Barrels or Weights are Required

Call for pricing on the items below.
Air Movers & Fans.
Heaters / Drying Equipment.
Water Extraction / Carpet Cleaners.
Vacuums & HEPA Vacuums.